Welcome to Ñam Gastrobar by Jorge Amores!

Welcome to Ñam Gastrobar by Jorge Amores!

Immerse yourself in a unique gastronomic experience that celebrates creativity and culinary innovation. Located in Guardamar, right in front of La Roqueta Beach, our gastrobar invites you to enjoy exceptional dishes in a cozy and modern setting. We take pride in receiving excellent reviews and ensuring a memorable dining experience for all our guests.

Our free-spirited and informal culinary proposal is designed to satisfy food enthusiasts who seek to explore new flavors. From advanced culinary techniques to artistic presentations, each dish at Ñam Gastrobar is a celebration of authentic and fresh flavors.

🍽️ Gastronomic Experience

At the heart of Ñam Gastrobar is our exclusive tasting menu, a culinary proposal designed to delight your senses. Each dish is a unique combination of modern culinary techniques and presentations, carefully crafted to offer you an unparalleled sensory experience.

Creative and Surprising Dishes

Our tasting menu at Ñam Gastrobar reflects the passion and talent of Jorge Amores, inspired by his journey through internationally renowned restaurants. Each creation is an expression of his free-spirited, informal, and highly creative cuisine.


Commitment to Sustainability

At Ñam Gastrobar, we value sustainability. We use locally sourced and responsibly obtained ingredients, supporting regional producers to ensure the freshness and quality of each dish.

👨‍🍳 Chef Jorge Amores

Jorge Amores, renowned for his experience in iconic places like Martín Berasategui (Lasarte) , Ricard Camarena, Disfrutar and Central (Lima, Peru), brings his innovation and dedication to Ñam Gastrobar. His focus on auteur cuisine ensures that each visit is a memorable gastronomic experience.


















📆Unique Events and Experiences

In addition to the tasting menu, Ñam Gastrobar offers à la carte dishes, perfect for sharing special moments.

📧 Book Your Experience

Make your reservation now at Ñam Gastrobar and let yourself be surprised by our tasting menu and the unique hospitality that characterizes our team.

Reserve here: https://www.namgastrobar.es/reservas/

Phone: (+34) 659 181 652

Discover Ñam Gastrobar by Jorge Amores, where a passion for cooking meets innovation to offer you a gastronomic experience you won’t want to miss. We look forward to sharing delicious and memorable moments with you!