Gastronomic Tourism on the Costa Blanca

Gastronomic Tourism on the Costa Blanca

Gastronomic tourism is on the rise, and it’s no surprise that gastronomy, tourism, and culture are part of a global trend. This type of tourism is not just about enjoying a good meal and a drink; it’s a way to connect with the cultural heritage of the region we visit.

Travelers are increasingly tired of conventional tourism and are looking for unique and authentic experiences. This is where gastronomic tourism shines. According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the average tourist spends about one-third of their vacation budget on gastronomy.

What is the most valued quality by tourists seeking a gastronomic experience?

Good Food Ireland states: “Gastronomic tourism and culture have become the main attraction of travel, with authenticity being the most important value for today’s consumer.” Many tourists come to the Costa Blanca seeking sun and beaches, only to discover that the province of Alicante has much more to offer, especially in terms of gastronomy.

We could say that the cuisine of the Costa Blanca is divided into two main areas: the coast and the interior. The coast specializes in fresh fish and seafood, while the interior offers dishes more influenced by meats and farm products. Among all these, the various types of rice dishes prepared throughout the province stand out, including rice with meat, fish, seafood, and, of course, vegetables from local farms.

Guardamar del Segura

Guardamar del Segura is a charming coastal town in the southeast of the province. Its gastronomy is highlighted by two star products: the Guardamar prawn and the Guardamar ñora pepper. These products take center stage during the Ñora and Prawn Gastronomic Week of Guardamar, held every year in June.

Hotel Meridional

Hotel Meridional, located in Guardamar, is a gastrohotel offering various gastronomic experiences for tourists who want to enjoy not only the town’s 11 kilometers of beach but also exquisite cuisine in any of its two restaurants.

At El Jardín Restaurant, we offer a daily menu based on Mediterranean cuisine with international influences. Our standout dishes include a wide variety of rice and fideuà (a banda, senyoret, turbot and red shrimp, seafood, rabbit and country chicken, vegetables with grilled Iberian pork, black rice, and more). Additionally, we provide daily fish and seafood suggestions that vary depending on availability in the markets of Guardamar, Santa Pola, or Torrevieja.

Ñam Gastrobar

On the other hand, within the same building, you will find Ñam Gastrobar. This venue features a modern, colorful, and cosmopolitan decor with sea views. Ñam Gastrobar offers a gastronomic concept based on elaborate and creative tapas that prioritize high-quality products and meticulous presentation. The menu is designed for sharing and socializing while enjoying a unique experience.

With an international cooking style, you will also find classic Spanish dishes with a twist. In addition to unique and authentic tapas you won’t taste at other restaurants, Ñam Gastrobar offers a selection of cocktails to pair with your meal, featuring rum, gin, vodka, or whiskey. Be sure to save room for dessert, as we have a very special dessert section also designed for sharing and delighting in singular and delicious flavors. Examples include sweet fruit curry, ñora sponge cake with white chocolate fondillon, and artichoke and yuzu mascarpone.


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